Why I Almost Ended My Trip Early | MattLife 002

Today was one of the most stressful days I have ever had in my life. It was horrific. This is the story of how I almost was close to abandoning my plans for Thailand approximately 2 hours before the flight, and almost ended up being flown back to the UK.


I had a midday flight. I woke up feeling pretty energized. I was in a good mood as it was time to leave Kuala Lumpur. Don’t get me wrong — it’s a great city. However, having stayed there for 2 weeks, it simply didn’t appeal to me anymore. I wanted to move on.


After a long shower, I grabbed a bottle of water & some fruit in preparation for my trip later during the day. I wasn’t too hungry. But I thought it would be a good idea to eat something.


I boarded the train to Kuala Lumpur international airport. After putting my suitcase on the luggage rack (like normal), I grabbed a seat and proceeded to relax whilst watching the scenery go by. If I remember correctly, I was listening to Gucci Mane and scrolling through Twitter.


It was approximately this time that the train entered KLIA2. I got up out of my seat and proceeded to the luggage rack. There was one problem… it was gone. Somebody had mistakenly taken it believing it was theirs.

After panicking for a few minutes, I found somebody who worked at the airport and spoke to them to explain the situation. My suitcase had MY ENTIRE LIFE & ALMOST EVERYTHING I OWN in it. There was no way I was gonna board a flight to Bangkok with no clothes, chargers, or anything else. It had to be found.

After filing an official report and speaking to security, I had to wait. I had no choice. I had to wait for the security team to track down & locate my luggage.

Understandably, thousands of thoughts were rushing through my mind at the time. What if I lose my entire life and everything I own? How can i continue with no belongings? I couldn’t.


I phoned my mum & explained the situation. It was 3am in the UK at the time I think. But this was just one of those things which couldn’t really wait. During the conversation, I literally broke into tears because I was completely overwhelmed with the whole situation.

I had planned a trip to Thailand today. The last thing I wanted was to fly back to the UK. But I had to make a contingency plan in case I was unable to continue with my trip. After all, there was no way I could continue traveling around Asia with zero clothes, chargers, and a bunch of other stuff that was essential for me.

As a result, I found a trip to London from KL that went via Istanbul (just in case things didn’t go to plan). I was devastated at the thought of not being able to continue my journey.


Security managed to track it down. I was so relieved. I was almost tearful due to the sheer amount of happiness & relief I faced. With only 1.5 hours to go until boarding, I headed straight for the departures area.


I boarded my flight. The dude sitting next to me was also from the UK so we managed to enjoy some light-hearted conversation about multiple topics. I downloaded a few episodes of Modern Family & Shark Tank to my phone for entertainment. Not bad.


I arrived in Bangkok. I proceeded to immigration, and was cleared in about 47 seconds. Probably the quickest I’ve ever done it!

I took some money out of the ATM and proceeded to find a taxi. The kiosk in the airport was asking for the equivalent of $40 USD to take me to Bangkok central. I swiftly denied it. That’s a lot of money here in SE Asia.

But no problems whatsoever. I ended up taking the bus directly to the neighborhood In which I’m currently staying. It costed me $1.50 USD equivalent — so I saved a decent amount of money. From the drop off point, it was approx 5 mins walking to my accommodation.


After dumping my bags, I went out & explored the streets of Bangkok. In my opinion, it has a much better atmosphere than Kuala Lumpur. But I guess everything is subjective based on somebody’s opinion.

I managed to find a street food stall selling steak, rice and veggies for 60 baht. WHAT A DEAL. That’s literally $1.90 for a reasonably-sized meal and a drink.


I arrived back at my accommodation. I was full.

After grabbing a local beer from the fridge, I sat down and started writing this blog entry. I’m currently figuring out where I want to go in North America. I’m flying from Paris to New York. Then I’m heading up to Toronto. I know that much. But I’m not sure what to do afterwards.

Part of me wants to head straight to New Zealand. The other part of me is absorbing an urge to tick off a few more states (I’m currently at 13).

The most likely route is Paris > New York > Toronto > Vancouver > Seattle > Los Angeles > Auckland. Overall, the trip to my new country shouldn’t take longer than 4 weeks.


That is the current time. To be honest with you, I’m exhausted. It’s been a long & stressful day. Well…that’s probably an understatement.

I’m just gonna relax and watch a TV show or something. Tomorrow, I’m planning on getting a lot of work done & exploring the city in a bit more depth.