What Working Remotely Taught Me About Entrepreneurship

It’s opened up so many opportunities everywhere in the world…

I used to have massive social anxiety. But then I stopped caring about others opinions and just started chasing my dreams. It baffles me why people have so much negativity inside them that they feel the need to unleash it on others.

The truth is that if someone is good enough to actually achieve their ambitions, history will prove them right. And if they’re not, at least they tried — instead of living in a mental state of which they pander to the opinions of everyone else.

So many people spend their entire lives not accomplishing their ambitions because they’re afraid of judgement and opinions from their friends & family. If you truly want it, try. Otherwise you’ll never know what could’ve been…

Flexibility Creates Opportunity.

It Makes Me More Productive.

I Always Have The Perfect Work Environment.

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