Tips For Overcoming Your Fear Of Solo Travel

So many people in the world are afraid to travel alone.

Why? Because they’re afraid of being lonely. They’re afraid of not having people to talk to, and feeling a sense of isolation.

But the truth is that traveling alone can be one of the most incredible experiences of your life. Having traveled solo for over a year, here are some tips which I found very useful in adjusting to the new lifestyle:

Focusing On Your Location.

When we’re surrounded by friends & people we love, we can often get distracted from why we are truly in a new city. However, when you are traveling alone, it gives you a chance to absorb the atmosphere & focus on every detail of your destination once you become immersed in it.

Choosing Where You Want To Go.

I’ve seen countless examples of people being unhappy on trips because they want to visit one city, and their friends want to visit another. Compromises have to be made. But when traveling solo, you have full control over your destination, and what you see whilst you’re there.

Financial Control.

It’s no secret that some of our friends have a lot more money than us. Imagine having $320 in your bank account and your mate suggests spending $200 on a hotel room (when you’d be happy with a Hostel). Traveling solo gives you the flexibility to choose exactly how you would like to spend your money. Want to get a giant villa by the beach? Cool. Prefer a cheap hostel in the city centre? No problem. The choice is yours.

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