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I’m currently 20 years old writing this in my hotel room over in Kuala Lumpur. Over the past few weeks, I’ve realized that I haven’t been working as hard as I need to in order to fulfill my ambitions.

In approximately 5 months, I shall be emigrating to New Zealand. I aim to live a truly prosperous life in the country, and also to become one of the most prominent cultural figures within Oceania.

This new blog titled “MattLife” is a daily journal that I’m going to be publishing for each day this year. It will contain what I got up to, my thoughts & feelings, ideas, and questions I have regarding the world we live in.


I woke up extremely thirsty. Due to the drinking water not being particularly safe here in KL, I have always been buying bottled water to ensure that my health is reasonable.

I went outside & popped into a 7-Eleven. It was still dark outside and the streets of Kuala Lumpur were extremely quiet. After buying a 2L bottle for the day, I went back to the hotel and watched the sunrise.


I posted a photo to my Instagram page with a thought-provoking caption about regret. The koala was pretty awesome. I also interacted with a few of my followers on Twitter, and started engaging in conversations.


I have a trip with InterRail coming up in March and thus am currently planning out my route. Essentially, I have a months free first-class train travel at zero cost due to a pretty sweet brand deal.

I already had a vague idea of where I wanted to go. But this couple of hours allowed me to dive deep into where I’d like to visit on the continent. I’ll be flying from Istanbul to Budapest in order to meet my mum in the city. After that, I’ll be traveling to Vienna, Bratislava, Berlin, Amsterdam & Paris.


I booked my flight to Singapore from Bangkok at the start of February. I’m flying with Jetstar which I feel comfortable with as have flown with them on multiple occasions throughout my time in Australia. I must admit, the prices of Singapore are pretty steep in comparison to Bangkok & KL so I’m not looking forward to the high cost of living. That said, i won’t be there for too long so it’ll be fine! I’m gonna be flying to Dubai via India. Hell yeah!


I went to the Pavillion Mall in the Bukit Bintang region of Kuala Lumpur. It was about 34 degrees and extremely humid. I was sweating. A lot. I tried to find some Flip-Flops as I heard they were extremely cheap out here. However, the prices were very similar to those of Canada when i went into Sports Direct & JD Sports. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place? Oh well. I’m going to Bangkok soon so will try there.

During this time, I listened to a Gary Vee podcast about healthy diets and a positive mindset whilst staying fit. I was inspired to eat healthy. However, this was extremely short lived due to a discounted McChicken in McDonald’s. Whoops. Note to self: I need to be improving my eating habits.

After that episode, I started listening to an Audiobook by David Goggins titled “Can’t Hurt Me”. Goggins is the only member of the US Armed Forces to complete SEAL training, US Army Ranger School, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training. Impressive. It’s really great getting some notes on mental toughness which can easily be applied to entrepreneurship.


I did several hours of work creating new opportunities for my business. It was finding clients, networking with new people, and ultimately running some extremely successful social media campaigns to drive growth.


I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that the quality of my eyesight is deteriorating very quickly. It’s something that i’m gonna need to get checked out. For example, i can’t even read the menu board clearly in Food Courts (or a Maccas for that matter). I definitely need glasses. However, they’re apparently expensive in Thailand so I guess I’ll have to wait until Singapore, Dubai or Europe.


It was raining hard. There was thunderstorms. Literally the streets were flooding. My original plan was to take a walk down to Pertronas towers and grab a healthy dinner. However, that couldn’t happen as it’s 30 minutes away. After a few minutes of thinking, I settled on a nice pasta dish.


I’ve started reading a lot more over the past few days. During the past few months, i’ve always been listening to Podcasts & Audiobooks as they allow me to consume content whilst on the train, plane etc.

However since arriving in Asia, I’ve been reading lots of articles for 1–2 hours a day. As well as increasing my knowledge about certain subjects, it definitely improves my workflow.


It’s time to pack my suitcase. I fly to Thailand tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it!

I’ve got a nice amount of work to do whilst at the airport, and have downloaded a few episodes of Shark Tank to watch whilst on the plane.

See you in tomorrow’s article for a travel update!

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