5 Airport Hacks You Need To Know

Travel hacking is essentially a science. Always trying to optimize their time, money, and overall experience, the smartest of travelers are armed with a variety of hacks to ensure that the airport experience is as flawless as possible.


Have a favorite style of clothes to wear to the airport to ensure maximum comfort whilst undergoing long-haul flights. They should be comfortable, presentable, and potentially layered in case you get too hot or cold. Personally, I prefer jeans and a hoodie. However, I always have a T-shirt in my backpack just in case I get too warm.


Next, bring your own water bottle through security (which is totally fine as long as it’s empty). Recently in Australia, I’ve seen water sold in airport retail outlets for as much as $7 AUD per bottle. There’s always loads of fountains scattered around the airside departures area to fill it up.

Check In.

The majority of check-ins in airports are becoming fully automated with the bag dropping process. If you think you might get confused, consider checking in/dropping off your bags at the kiosk closest to upper class. If you do encounter any problems, the check-in staff tend to be able to help you with relative ease.

Portable Chargers.

This one is a lifesaver. Bring a portable charger for your phone, tablet, and potentially your laptop. These tend to be priced anywhere from $10–120. Many of us have been in situations where we need to charge our phones-but the power outlets aren’t working or everyone is huddled around them. Bring your own portable charger so that you can charge your devices at the gate, on the plane, or anywhere else.


This one is totally dependent on your preferences. But if you’re unable to access an airport lounge, then finding a quiet gate within the terminal can be a great place to sit back, relax, and focus. Just pay attention to flight announcements around the time of your departure.

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